Nature Play

Nature Play

Play time in nature facilitates recreational learning that supports the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children. As children interact with the natural elements they discover, they also develop their creativity through unstructured play, whilst enhancing their problem solving, social, and fine motor skills.

Explore in Winter

Pull on your gumboots and prepare for a wintery adventure! Download your free copy of our '20 ways with Nature Play (winter edition)' ebook and start exploring.

Inside our '20 ways with Nature Play' ebook you will find:

  • 20 activities you must try in Adelaide's largest shared back yard
  • Nature play ideas perfect for winter
  • Perfect for a free family day out
  • Guided tips that will encourage the little ones to expand their imagination using natural elements
  • Nature Play Bingo challenge (Download your copy of our 'Nature Play Bingo' challenge!)
  • Tips about two of Adelaide's top nature play locations

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Why the Park Lands?

With over 350,000 trees and numerous creeks, as well as an abundance of native vegetation, birds, insects and a growing series of biodiversity sites, the Adelaide Park Lands offer plenty of activities for children at any time of the year.

With regular visits to the Park Lands children start to develop their own play-pretend games, and look for their favourite natural craft materials at nature’s play table; imagination is key! Guiding your children initially with some lightly structured activities will encourage them to explore their play space whilst giving them the confidence to venture out on their own.